These Wheat Dryers pass the grain through a concentrated, highly heated air stream. Continuous flow dryers may flow the air in cross-flow, counter-flow, or concurrent-flow. Currently, the most popular type of dryer in the United States is the cross-flow type.
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It was in the 1990's that woven sack industry made great strides and reached a stage of maturity wherein it could meet with ease the demand from industries dealing in cement, fertilisers, etc. Recently, numerous industrial segments are growing in India as well as in many countries worldwide. High demand for packaging requirement has paved the way for working on innovating packaging solutions. Nijrang ZSQ Handcraft Belt Packing Machine Light duty Manual 12-16mm Plastic PP Strapping Tool Factory Group has a well earned name in Printing, Packaging & Woven sack industry. Since last 15 years, we are engaged in Manufacturing machineries & equipments. Also.Ahmedabad, India (prHWY. Andhra Pradesh has around 48 woven sack industries. In India manufacture of packaging machinery in Gujarat there is in Ahmedabad Nijrang Group manufacture these type of machinery. Fabricated using superior quality stainless steel, our range is extensively catering to the demands of several industries. Packaging machinery face a rapidly changing and highly demanding global competitive environment. Passion for quality coupled with our successful business experience & teamwork, no wonder we are one of the fastest growing company. This pushes the requirement for highly innovative packaging machines which can offer multiple advantages and are cost-effective as well. Packaging machinery consists of equipment for uses such as canning; container cleaning, filling, and forming; bagging, packing, unpacking, bottling, sealing and lidding; inspection and check weighing; wrapping, shrink film and heat sealing; case forming, labeling and encoding; palletizing and depalletizing, and related uses. The need of the hour is to make the entire process of packaging faster, efficient and user-friendly. 23, Vidhi Estate, Mahalaxmi Estate, Bombay Conductor Road, Vatva, Ahmedabad - 382 445 INDIA. Moreover, in order to attain maximum client satisfaction, we also offer our range in accordance with specific requirements of the clients. Our Packing machines are well known and used by Industries throughout India and abroad. To ensure superior working performance at the client's end, these are quality checked on various quality parameters. Today, 31 per cent of the market demand is from cement industry, 18 per cent from fertiliser industry, 17 per cent from food grain industry, 11 percent from petro-chemicals and 12 per cent from other industries. The growing packaging requirement of bulk commodities like foodgrains, cement, sugar, fertilizer, salt and other commodities. The packaging industry has understood its true potential and is working hard to deliver the best of packaging solutions to the manufacturers and suppliers all across the globe and automatic packaging machines are acting as their latest weapon in the arsenal. Our range consists of following machines: * Woven Sacks Bag Cutting Machine * Twist & Gusset Machine * Gusset Machine For Woven Fabric * Extrusion Lamination Plant * Opener Rewinder Machine * Surface Winder With Auto Splicing * Tension Control System * Sarvo Driven Bottom Cutting & Sealing Machine * Side Sealing Machine * Pouch Making Machine * Three Drive/Five Drive/Multi Drive Synchronised System * Tuber (Center Pasting) Machine * Fully Automatic Woven Sacks Cutting Machine (Heat Cut) * Digital Line Guide System * Web Aligner Our professional team, consisting of qualified and experienced engineers is dedicated to satisfy our clients by providing exceptional and satisfying maintenance and after sales services. Today we have our network throughout the India & Abroad as well. There are different industries supplying a wide range of equipments to meet diverse requirements of their customers. Added to this, 11 per cent of the supply is export driven. we focus on offering value-added services and satisfying emerging market needs.
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